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Posted by Wendy Deakins on December 28, 2002 at 12:31:56:

I too am searching for my Gardella Family. Another lady had done quite a bit of research on the Gardellas including talking to all of my relatives. I wish I had been into my research at that time but...

It seems she came to the conclusion that My GGGrandfather Andrew Gardella was only related to her Gardellas thru marriage even though they all lived here in Oroville, Butte County, California at the same time and were all involved in the same business. She also concluded after a trip to Italy that her family came from the Genoa area. I have already found several things that are incorrect but also several that are correct. All I have is my Grandmothers written story and I am trying to obtain all of the information I can and then put it together myself and hopefully find out about my family.

According to My Grandmother....Amy Katherine Gardella Wyman...Andrew and Katherine Gardella emigrated from Genoa (where in Genoa?) about 1858/59 to New York City. (Where in New York City?) If they came into Castle Clinton none of those records are available unless you have correct dates, ports and ships because they are not indexed. The census records for that time are not indexed either so I will have to go thru them page by page.

They had a son in October of 1860/61. (His death certificate says he was born in 1861 and his grave stone says 1860) They named him Stephen A. Gardella. (Is there a way to find a birth Certificate for that time frame in New York?)When he was 2 1/2 Katherine died and was buried in New York. (Where in New York?) That would have been around April of 1863/64. (Is there a way to find a death certificate?) (What cemetery would she be buried in?) Around 1863/64 Andrew sent Stephen back to Italy with relatives. (What relatives? What ship? Out of which Port? Did Genoa keep records of people coming back into the country at that time?) Andrew came on to California to seek gold. (How did he get here?)

After he arrived he went into the farming business with other Gardellas. I have some records on that. In June of 1870 he married Angelina or Angeline Gardella. I have a copy of their marriage Certificate. (Distant cousins?) When Stephen was 8 around 1870/71 Andrew sent for him to come to California. (How did he get here? What ship? What Port? Who did he travel with?) Andrew had two more sons with Angelina. He died in January of 1873 and is buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery here in Oroville.(Is there a death Cert.?) I found an obituary-very small family names ect. He was 38 when he died. That makes his birth year 1835 in Italy. Angelina went on to marry a Giovanni Capurro and had 5 more children.

I am assuming that Andrew and Katherine came from the Roccatagliata-Neirone-Corsiglia Area. Does anyone know if the churches in those areas kept records of births and marriages? Would they have any reason to keep a record of Stephen coming to the area from New York when he was 2 1/2?

I am sorry this turned into a novel but it is the first time I have really sat down and listed all of my facts..few as they may be....and all of my questions. I will print this out so I have something to work from. Anyway if any of this sounds familiar to you please feel free to contact me at

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