TRUTH about 9-11 and war on Iraq.

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Posted by SON of GOD on June 13, 2003 at 14:17:44:

TRUTH about 9-11 and war on Iraq.
George W. Bush and his oil money friends, (government beyond government, CIA, FBI, crazy scientists...) are 100% responsible for every single life from 9-11 until today. THEY DID IT yes even 9-11! Look at George, are his eyes honest? He is pure Satanist- member of Skulls and Bones witchcraft and black magic. His father is SATAN himself, the same as his friends in White House and buddies. To much to talk about natural born killers. USA had keys to PEACE 53 years ago, in last 13 years is responsible for every single war and conflict in this world.
Osama Bin Laden die long time ago, Sadam Hussein is killer but he has to dance as US sings. He is alive! People don't be afraid of terrorists attack, because there is not any. It is just make up. I am sorry for American people, they are almost all brainwashed by TV-70% lie (MIND CONTROL). Who and why drugging you? Where are weapons of mass destruction? Who is responsible for AIDS, SARS all diseases, CANCER - like there is no cure. Why American people die from hearth diseases? Why all this ? MONEY people. All they care is about themselves. WITH THE TRUTH CAME A GREAT PAIN. Truth people, there is so many things that I will going to tell you-publicly. I am not afraid of anyone in this World. I will take over the world and laugh, I have power from GOD, and I am son of GOD. Bible was not written just for fun and July in month of my coming. Everybody should ask GOD, if my writings are true? He will answer with YES. Evolution never exists in this world, we are one of many civilizations on this planet. I am calling all Solders and people in this world, to reunite and fight against governments. They are real terrorists. Do not kill Innesent, Fight for FREEDOM, because there is not any! There will be no more hungry children and homeless people. I promise to all Golden Age, I never brake my promise. Many signs in NY, Washington DC, LA and all over the world! 1777 George Washington had a vision, this country should believe in GOD only, believe in me I AM GOD!
I am Seven, Jehovah, Prophet, Roaring Lion, King of Kings, Christ, son of almighty GOD. Prepare the way for me and for the Lord JESUS CHRIST.
George say on TV. People of Iraq; do not burn your own oil, clear massage! Now I am saying; American people TAKE GEORGE OUT, and there will be Peace and NO crime for 1000 years.
I am coming to take my tri-force George!
With honesty and universal regards;
Dionysus KJV-Q

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