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Labels of Andrea Guarneri

If we now critically examine Andrea's labels, we find that the earliest hitherto seen by us is that of the year 1638 -- we have some evidence pointing to a violin label of still earlier date, namely 1635 -- and it is interesting to notice, in the first specimen, the master's statement, "Alumnus Nicolai Amati", in the second, the inaccurate spelling of "Allumnus", and in the third, the "ex Alumnis". It is unfortunate that this last inscription records no date, but we believe that the violin which bears it is an early work of the master; it is reproduced from a tracing, whereas the others are direct photographs from originals. The label of 1668, all figures written, and that of 1682, all figures printed, are both exceptional; and if we had not ourselves found them in authentic instruments, and proved them on examination to be printed on old paper, we should have doubted their originality. The fifth ticket is a facsimile of the one most frequently met with, and which we see used from about 1660 to 1680-90. Note the bold figures and that they are invariably all written in. The tickets of the years 1690 and 1694 are specimens of those usually found at this period and to the end of the master's career inserted in instruments which we generally recognize to be the work of the son, Giuseppe. The inscription --"Subdisciplina", &c, --dated 1693 or 1695 comes from a violoncello, but we have seen a similarly worded label of smaller size in a violin; and our impression is that the instruments so labeled were productions in which the Guarneri had taken but a small part.

Labels Inserted By Andrea Guarneri

Information Abtained from Book Of
The Violin Makers Of The Guarneri Family ( 1626 - 1762 )
Written & researched By: William Henry Hill, Arthur F. Hill & Alfred Ebsworth Hill

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