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Labels of Pietro Guarneri of Mantua.

The son Pietro of Mantua apparently made use of but two types of label during his career; and we have never learned of the existence of an instrument signed by him when working at Cremona and prior to establishing himself at Mantua. It is definitely proved that he made his violins while under the parental roof, and it is possible that we shall yet meet with an example bearing a Cremonese inscription. Both the tickets of small type were used up to about the end of the century; the earlier dated had three figures printed, and in the nineties the figure was written over. Then in 1700 we see the adoption of a label of bolder type, which the master continued to use until his death in the year 1720. We give that of 1710 to illustrate his treatment of the figures; he simply did not trouble to efface the printed 0, but penned 1 over it.

Labels Inserted By Pietro Guarneri of Mantua

Information Abtained from Book Of
The Violin Makers Of The Guarneri Family ( 1626 - 1762 )
Written & researched By: William Henry Hill, Arthur F. Hill & Alfred Ebsworth Hill

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