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Labels of Pietro Guarneri of Venice

The first label that we know of inserted by Pietro was dated 1721, and used by him for his Cremonese work; note that he proclaims his parentage, and plays homage to the ancestral Patron Saint.
The next in chronological order, that of 1725, shows the master to be at Venice, and comes from a violoncello: hence its larger proportions. Observe the omission of the Patron Saint, and the different form of wording, also the spelling of the Christian name of his father, "Josef", which is correct, and of "Venetis" with one i only, which is incorrect. All the figures are printed.
The three following violin labels have each an elaborate border; in the one case it has been somewhat trimmed away, and note the smaller type of printing. The others are decidedly decorative, and incidentally this points to the master's determination not to be outbid by his contemporary Santo Serafin. Perhaps that with the smaller border may have been inspired by the earliest label of Serafin!
The next ticket, dated 1739, is again taken from a violoncello; bold in character, it accords with its instrument ( that belonging to Beatrice Harrison ). Yet we see a return to the meagre border somewhat similar to the specimen shown above. Note that all the figures are written.
The last two labels of this interesting series are in reality one and the same, with the exception of the irregularly formed border-line round that of the year 1750; the second and obscured date is 1754, and it records the latest work known to us of the master, who, so it will be recalled, died in 1760. 

Labels Inserted By Pietro Guarneri of Venice

Information Abtained from Book Of
The Violin Makers Of The Guarneri Family ( 1626 - 1762 )
Written & researched By: William Henry Hill, Arthur F. Hill & Alfred Ebsworth Hill

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