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9-Mile and Van Dyke Warren Michigan 1981
(Click on Photo below for a larger view)

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March 13th 2005 was The Grand Open House Public Viewing Of The Warren Historical Society's History Gallery Area At The New Warren Community Center We Have One Of The Showcases In The History Gallery set up To Display Our "Motor City" Archives/Information, The History Gallery will now be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday thru Friday This will be a Limited Display

Edward A. Hakim, Eddie Hakim JR., Marge Schang, Chris Smith/Punker & Linda Hakim
in front of the Motor City Showcase at The Warren Community Center/Historical Society History Gallery,

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See An Actual Video Movie of The Motor City Skating Rink from 1964
(This is a silent video with background music added 5:46 long)

Welcome To:
The North West Corner Of Nine Mile & Van Dyke,
In Warren Michigan USA

<<<click on any photo see a larger view>>>

From September 26th 1939 to 1960
Was The Most Prestigious Movie Theatre In The City Of Warren Michigan ....

Note the words "MOTOR CITY" in Neon on the Marquee
The Theatre was listed as a 400 seat movie house
opened to the public on September 26th 1939)
First known Documented Movie Listing "Detroit Times" (Tuesday October 24th 1939)
{Photo Below Taken On September 1964}

Later It Was Transformed Into The Motor City Roller Rink
House Capacity of the Roller Rink posted as 1100-1480 Persons)
{Photo Below Taken On November 21st 1982}

Roller Rink Grand Opening On January 13th 1961,
With The Last Public Open Skate On June 15th 1986
There Was A Final Auction Of The Property/Contents On June 28th 1986
Note the re-painting of the words "SKATING" on the Marquee

Shortly After The Building Was Torn Down & A Strip Mall,
& Fast Food Restaurant Were Constructed/Completed in November Of That Same Year.

<<<click on photo to see a larger view>>>
{The Strip Mall Was Completed In The Late Fall Of 1986}

Below is a current photo of the strip mall that was once the location of the MotorCity Theatre,& Roller Rink
{Photo Taken in spring of 2004}
<<<Click on either photo for a larger view>>>

Below is a Current photo of what the North West Intersection of 9-Mile & Van Dyke looks like Today
{Photo Taken In Spring Of 2004}
Note: where the Burger King sign is now is a few feet from where the old Marquee at MotorCity was located
"Click On The Photo on the left For A Larger View"

Below A Article Regarding A Fire At The Burger King 9-Van Dyke 04/30/04
(It as since then been remodeled & is open for business/2005-06)
<<<Click on photo for a larger view>>>

Click on the Links below to view More Pages of Photos/information About Motor City

A Motor City Historical Weekend of Events,,!!! March 12th & 13th 2005

Now Available >>>The Motor City Collection Of Memories DVD

The People Of MotorCity
***This is the place to go & view Hundreds of Photos/Information from the former Owners/Employees,***
<<<Competition Skaters, as well as Photos from Regular Skaters from the 60's, 70's, & 80's>>>

  MotorCity-Theatre Photos

  More MotorCity-Roller Rink/Building Photos

  The MotorCity Roller Rink Shows, & Concerts... Photos/Information

Shirts, Jackets, Signs Of MotorCity

The Auction,, Everything Is For Sale

Farewell MotorCity/Demolition of Building

***Documentation From The City & County Records/Ariel Photos***

(Before, & After)

Info From A Recent 2005 Detroit News Article About Motor City Memories
Info About A 2004 Free Press Article Relating To Our Project

We Are Displaying This Information/Photos/Artifacts, Etc.
& More At The Warren Historical Society's New Location
In The Warren Community Center.
{This will be a limited display,, Open from 9:00am to 5:00pm weekdays)

Warren Historical Society Information..
A Photo Of Steve Schang (Ex-MotorCity Employee/D-J), Sue Keffer
(V-P of the Warren Historical Society),
 & Mary Owens (From The Free Press) during A interview At The New Warren Community Center..
{photo taken by Anthony Guarnieri}
<<<Click on photo for a larger view>>>

May 2004

***Special Thanks To Steve Schang, & Eddie Hakim***
For There Help In Making This Project ...
Below A Photo Of Steve Schang, & Anthony Guarnieri
     Steve Schang, &
    Anthony Guarnieri
 (in Anthony's basement) 
     Anthony Guarnieri
      & Steve Schang
    Detroit News Photo
   Warren Community
     Center    2005

***A Personal Thank You To Steve Schang For His Continued Support, & Time***
What I Remember Most About The "Motor City Building" Was The Tall Vertical Marquee Sign With The Words "MOTOR CITY",
The old style ticket window with all the lights lit up under the over hang of the front of the building as well as the Neon Sign that lit up the Skating Floor with the words
 Anthony J. Guarnieri......

Below a You Tube Video showing a little bit of the City Of Warren's History.
 not only Motor City, but pics from the Bel Air Drive In and Toepher Park

Add You Own Personal "LINK" to The MotorCity Theatre/Roller Rink Web Page Below..!!!

We Are Currently Collecting All Information, Photos, Stories, Etc.
In An Attempt to Revitalize This Lost Treasure,,,
Send All Inquiries To:

Steve Schang III
Ex Motor City Employee/Skater
2121 Parliament
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48310
E-Mail steveschang@wowway.com
< OR >
Anthony J. Guarnieri
Ex Motor City Skater {Member Of The Warren Historical Society}
29850 Lorraine Ave
Warren, Michigan 48093
E-Mail  antonioaaa@live.com

***Photos Courtesy Of Steve Schang
Chris-AKA-Punker, Anthony Guarnieri***
Thanks to Eddie Hakim Jr. for his Webpage Editing Suggestions & Banner Authoring

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